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kirk's small independant sight & sound studio in baton rouge, la is now offering the following multimedia services:

relaxation & meditation music cd's & dvd's                   

web services  



latest stuff

Enjoy "Relaxation Sight & Soundscapes" dvd with popular photographer Oscar Gutierezz of  It includes the beautiful instrumental music of Estuary and the images in a unique slidshow. Turn your TV into living art!

My "Estuary" cd is also available. It was originally commissioned for an intuitive painting intensive class and is a great relaxation & meditation cd. It is currently being used in yoga and intuitive art classes, professional massage therapy, healing touch and Reiki sessions!  Sound samples of Estuary are availiable on the buy page! Pease e-mail or call for special one-of-a-kind autographed/numbered versions!

I also design websites. This is really cool :


Lemme know if you would like me to help get you on the web!!!  I'm doing this for those on a tight budget!! Starting kits for only $149.99!!!

Like most musicians, we feel we have a right to philosophize and change the world and stuff like that. So please feel free to email me with your latest enlightenment stories!

(225) 354-9860